Grey is the new White

White cabinets have been in style as a classic look through many areas. But watch out white, grey is on the move. Grey’s beautiful tones help to anchor the cabinets into the space and allow beautiful transitions from the simple farm feel to glamorous kitchen designs. Many people might say “Grey? I don’t think so!” but hold on, have you seen the new Bodbyn from Ikea? Stunning!!

The Bodbyn comes is Grey and Off-White, and when paired together it creates a stunning effect.

But solid cabinets are not the only thing getting a little grey. Natural wood look with a grey washed glaze can be subtle but alluring.  From Cabinets to fireplaces to oak glazed floors, grey has a little bit of something to offer to everyone’s personal taste and feel.


Grey is easy to match countertops with, you can choose to dress it up with high gloss white, or warm neutral quarts, to monochromatic matte black. Any of these counters allow for you to choose an accented backsplash without classing too many colours together.


If you are feeling that all grey will be too dark or cold, why not use a little off-white in panels or uppers to soften the edges and the contrast in the room. Grey also matches with wood tones to create alternative desired affects. The two-tone effect still gives all the desired look of matching cabinet fronts with the beauty of contrast with no extra work.


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