How to Pick a Good Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinetsPurchasing cabinets can be confusing. It’s hard to pick out what will fit best in your kitchen and look better with the rest of your kitchen and appliances. With thousands of options to choose from from several companies, finding the right kitchen cabinet can seem daunting. How can you tell what will fit best in your kitchen? How do you know if you’re getting a good deal? How do you know if the cabinet you’re getting is a quality product? We’re here to help. In this article, we will tell you what specific things you should look for when choosing a kitchen cabinet. Hopefully, we can help you narrow down your list a little.

How to spot a well-built cabinet

On a well-built cabinet, there should be no visible blemishes. Blemishes in the wood can be knots, sanding scars, pitch pockets, grain irregularities, or color variations. The flat door panels should be made of one piece of wood, as should the drawer fronts. The hinges used in your cabinets should be adjustable but strong so they will last you as long as you need them. You should also look for a strong connection between the face frame and the carcass as it is a mark of quality craftsmanship.

What extra stuff you can get

If it’s within your budget, you should invest in drawers that can bear at least seventy-five to a hundred pounds with ball bearings and full-extension glides, giving you the maximum storage capabilities. Adjustable shelves are also a nice perk in your wall cabinets, allowing you to make certain shelves taller if you have taller glasses or large bowls to store. This allows you to customize your storage space as you need to whenever you need to. If you suddenly need more space in one cabinet, but less in another, you can adjust them to fit your needs at any given time.

What to stay away from

As previously stated, blemishes in the appearance of your cabinets can be a sign of sloppy work and poor craftsmanship. Cloudy finishes on stained cabinets can point to poor quality as well and should be avoided. If the inside of your cabinet has sharp edges, it can cause splinters. Before purchasing the cabinet, you should run your hand carefully up the inside of the cabinet to check.

Finding the perfect cabinet for you can seem like an impossible task when there are so many companies and so many options to choose from. Never fear, there are a few key things you can look for to make sure you’re getting a quality product for which you have been searching. If you follow this simple guide, you’ll be able to narrow down the daunting list and find the perfect cabinets for you.

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